Although this box may look ordinary it isn’t. This box is extraordinary. One of residents by the name of Jesse loves tinkering with just about anything he can get his hands on; whether he is helping with seasonal decorations, working and enjoying our resident garden or building things out of arts and crafts. Jesse came to me concerned about where to store his electric razor and asked if I could help him build something (He did not want something store bought). I remembered I had some extra cherry wood at home in my shop and I decided to use that wood to surprise him with this box. Now being that Jesse likes to make, build and construct things I did not assemble this box. I simply cut the wood and predrilled the holes. Jesse had two surprises the next morning, Jesse had a box he needed/wanted to assemble and our chef Flossie took him to Mid-State Lumber and Flooring to pick out the decorative hinges and nails. Jesse is still working on his extraordinary box and he is very close to completion. These are just some of the things we do to go out of our way for our Residents/Our Family.